Group Counseling

Therapeutic Meditation Group: Participants that have achieved some of their individual goals are able to join this group to sustain their progress.

Men's Group: Participants address issues from depression, anxiety, insecurities, marital conflict, and health issues. Groups are usually 90 minutes per group and attendance is by invite only.

Women’s Group: Participants focus on living their authentic life. We address issues of the past that continue to impact the present. We work to be emotionally healthy and whole in life.  

Women Intimacy Groups (WIGs): Participants address issues of intimacy. Intimacy refers to the feeling of being in a close personal connection with another. This connection can be negatively impacted by mental and physical health, loss, and betrayal. This group is NOT insurance billable. The current cost is 70.00 for 2hrs. If paying for all 10 groups in advance the cost is $650.00.  This is a private group and members will be screened prior to attendance.


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